Ambrosial Ofuro

Everyday Relaxation
Experience: Relaxation, lightheartedness, euphoria, tranquility, bliss and happiness


 In a traditional Japanese home, you are likely to find an ofuro - a deeper version of the western bath. The most luxurious ofuro are made from fragrant hinoki cypress- a wood prized for it gorgeous, relaxing scent. Bathing is done at the end of the day as a way to relax and wash away your cares and worries. A daily soak in an ofuro is a ritual used to regain balance and nurture the mind, body, and spirit.
 Ambrosial Ofuro is an aromatherapy fragrance for everyday relaxation. A luscious nectar-like blend that opens with euphoric ginger lily and relaxing hinoki cypress. A touch ylang ylang calms the mind and tranquil magnolia champak and rests beautifully on serene Siam wood. 
Use Ambrosial Ofuro as a way to wind down and nurture yourself each day. Relax, breathe in, and enjoy this exotic, relaxing ritual.
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