Hinoki Onsen

(deep, meditative relaxation)

For thousands of years, onsen baths have been used for relaxation and spiritual wellbeing. Drawing their water from mineral-rich hot springs, they can be located either outdoors or indoors. Many onsen are breathtaking in their design and are made from the aromatic wood of the Japanese hinoki cypress, which only enhances the relaxing effect of the bath.

Hinoki Onsen is an otherworldly, enveloping fragrance that will transport you to a beautiful Japanese hinoki hot spring bath. This is the perfect aromatic journey for those moments when you want to deeply relax and forget about your cares. Hinoki essential oil promotes deep relaxation, while geranium calms the mind and body. Refreshing, exotic jasmine sambac and red mandarin will elevate your mood and soothe your spirit, while vetiver grounds and stabilizes.

Let yourself relax, breathe deeply, and be in the moment while you enjoy this truly special ritual.

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All the products in this collection work beautifully on their own, or together as a sensorial ritual. Each aromatic treasure enhances the next, creating an immersive experience that will nurture your skin, soul, and senses.