Staying Grounded During the Holiday Season

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It all starts with Thanksgiving. The food. Then the shopping and the social obligations. It is so easy to get disconnected and off track during the holidays. We are all super busy and wind up eating foods we normally steer clear of, not to mention all of the alcohol we tend to consume.

Following are five tips to help you stay grounded amidst the excitement of the holiday season.

  • Re-connect with Yourself Every Morning: I like to do this when I first wake up. When you wake up, take a moment and capture your soul. Our minds are clear and calm early in the morning. Take a few deep breaths and set your intentions for the day. No matter what happens that day, you will know you had a special moment to yourself.
  • Deeply Relax Once a Week: I love to relax every Saturday morning with Amayori’s Onsen Ritual. I could not live without this during the holidays. No matter how crazy the week gets, I know I have this beautiful, luxurious ritual to look forward to. The wonderful aroma of Hinoki Cypress calms my nerves and leaves me feeling as if I just stepped out of a Japanese Onsen (hot spring). This resets me and leaves me feeling revived.
  • Weekly Detox: Try to take one day a week to eat healthy. Not only will you physically feel better, but you will feel better about yourself. Drink at least 10 glasses of water. Consider buying a detox tea to drink throughout the day.
  • Be in the Moment: Stop and look at the beautiful store windows. Enjoy the fact that you can wear sequins. Listen to some holiday music. Forget the business and remember that this is a wonderful time of year.
  • Give: There is something about giving that lets us connect with ourselves. It’s as if we take a step back from our lives. And let’s admit, it feels wonderful to know that you are helping someone who needs it - no matter how big or how small the contribution.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as I am! Keep calm and enjoy yourself.




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