The Amayori Sento


The Perfect Post-Hike Soak

April 19, 2022
After a hike, there is nothing more rejuvenating than a bathing ritual using the Rotenburo Air collection. An aromatic journey for rejuvenation, this combination of essential oils is rich in monote...
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The Best Books on Japanese Bathing Culture

January 27, 2022
  There is nothing like enjoying a good book before a soak. Here are my favorite books on Japanese bathing culture. Many of these may require a bit of a search, but I assure you that they are worth...
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How to Take a Better Winter Bath

January 07, 2022
Like every season, winter is a magical time to bathe. Here are some of my tips for creating a staycation-worthy, relaxing, rejuvenating bath during the colder months. Up the Water Temperature: It’s...
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Staying Grounded with Self-Care Rituals

July 06, 2021
As the world is coming back to life I’ve noticed changes in myself, and I’m sure many of you have experienced the same things. Lately, I have spent more time refreshing my wardrobe, refreshing my b...
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Tools of the Way

May 05, 2021
There is a term that I love that is used in chado (the way of tea) as well as many other classical Japanese practices, crafts, and arts: dogu. Dogu translates to “tools of the way” or “tools of the...
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A Closer Look at Camellia Japonica Oil

March 22, 2021
A little over a year ago, I came across a very special camellia japonica oil that is grown on a small-scale farm without pesticides in the foothills of Sakurajima – an active stratovolcano in Kagos...
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