The Home Essence

Fragrance in the home creates warmth and happiness. Memories are made, comfort is felt, souls are soothed, and spirits are uplifted.
Inspired by the Japanese art of appreciating fragrance, or Kodo (the way of incense), use these Home Essences to create joy, mood, energy, rejuvenation, rest, or to simply relax and take a break from a busy day. Home Essences provide a fragrant, smoke-free, natural alternative to the mindful, aromatic art of incense appreciation. 
These 100% natural aromatic treasures capture the essence of Amayori's fragrances. Utilizing the many benefits of pure essential oil fragrance, each Home Essence is comprised of rare and exotic essential oils from around the world and can be used with any essential oil diffuser. Sit quietly and enjoy your favorite Home Essence as a way to relax or uplift any social setting. Also perfect as a bath-side or spa accompaniment, for the office, or to deepen yoga and meditation sessions.