One of the most important parts of the at-home onsen bath experience is setting up beforehand. After doing this a few times you may find that your bathroom changes entirely. This isn’t so much of a long, drawn-out process as it is a few simple steps that will make your bathing ritual even more enjoyable and authentic.

Start with a Clean Bath: This can be done whenever you have extra time, perhaps while doing a face mask or while waiting for dinner to cook. That way, when you are ready to take a bath, you can just give it a quick rinse. Try keeping a pitcher and cleaning products in the bathroom under the sink that you can use to clean out the bath to make it effortless.

How to Take a Japanese Bath at Home, Onsen Bath at Home

Minimalism: Tuck unneeded bottles under the sink or in a cabinet. Out of sight out of mind - no toothpaste tubes, shampoo, etc. The Japanese bath is about transporting yourself to a place of beauty. Get rid of anything that hints of mass commercialism. Tuck away knickknacks. Keep in mind the Japanese design aesthetic of “less is more.” Open space allows room for the imagination to take hold.

An Element of Nature:  Many hot springs in Japan are located outdoors. If indoors, they will almost always offer a stunning view of nature. Add a few unpolished stones or a simple flower arrangement near the bath where you can see it. Or, you may want to incorporate a few Japanese bathing accessories  for an authentic feel.

Lighting: Light a candle for a better mood. We suggest going with something unscented so that you can enjoy the fragrance of your Amayori bath products without “fragrance interference.”

Water: Have a little bench or a bath tray where you can keep a few things. One of the things you always want to have on hand will be a large glass of water. This will help keep you cool, hydrated, and refreshed you while you bathe. Try adding a slice of lemon or cucumber for an extra special touch.

Music: Listen to Amayori’s Music Playlists while soaking. These playlists support each fragrance ritual and will immerse you more deeply into your experience. Alternatively, listen to any music that relaxes you and takes you out of your day-to-day.

The Ritual

Step 1 – Set Your Intention: Take a moment to focus on your desired results. This can be relaxation, renewal, or to simply let go of the cares of your day. In each box of Amayori’s products, you will find a small slip of rice paper that tells the story of the fragrance you are about to use. These stories are meant to be a guided meditation and a way to help you escape with your imagination. Take a moment to connect with this story, and allow your soul to be taken on a journey.


Step 2 – Shower First: This is one of our favorite aspects of Japanese bathing. As the bath is for relaxing and soaking, a shower is taken to wash the body prior to immersing yourself into the tub to soak. This can be as quick or as languorous as you desire. As you wash your body, wash away your worries and cares of the day.

Step 3 – The Soak: Slip into the bath and let go of your cares of the day. Keep in mind this is a time and place to regain your balance. If thoughts from the day creep up on you, try not to judge yourself. Just let them come in and let them go.

Yuagari (After the Bath)

Yuagari translates to "the moment after the bath." Enjoy this energy and your newfound calm. This can mean taking additional steps with after-bath body care. Or, sip some tea - hot in winter, cold in summer. Read a book or listen to some soft music. Take note of your new sense of calm and linger in it as long as possible.