Japanese Bathing Rituals

Japanese Bathing Rituals, Amayori 1

For many in Japan, bathing is a meditative practice - a time to renew, revive, relax and cleanse the soul. Beyond cleansing the body, the bath is viewed as a time and place to wash away the cares and worries of the day.

Bathing is done in two phases. First, there is cleansing. Usually the cleanse is done in a small shower or by using splashes of bathwater scooped from the bath in a Hinoki wood bucket before proceeding into the bathtub to soak. Soaking and relaxing in the bath is just that - pure enjoyment. This is a time and place to be present and reconnect with yourself after a busy day.

Japanese Bathing Rituals, Amayori 2Whether it be a bath or shower, bathing is an opportunity to nurture yourself, reflect and have a beautiful moment. Rarely are we alone without external influences. This is the perfect time to take advantage of your solitude. With an intention to relax, experience the beauty of Japanese bathing rituals at home.

Our Guide To the Japanese Bath at Home
Pause: Shut your eyes, and set your intention for your ritual. Be thankful for this moment.
Set the Mood: Dim the lights, light a candle, put on some soft meditative music if you'd like. Surround yourself with things of beauty that help you feel calm and relaxed. 
Exfoliate: Dry brush to detoxify and soothe while you stimulate your blood flow. Brush from head in a sweeping circular motion.
 Cleanse: Take a shower using our Aromatic Body Wash. This can be as quick or as long as you'd like.
Prepare the Bath: Let the bath water run while you relax.
Soak: Slowly slip into the bath allowing your body to adjust to the temperature. Try to soak for at least 20 minutes. We recommend keeping a glass of water next to the bath to help you cool down when needed. You can also sit on the side of the tub to cool down and slide back in when you're ready. We also suggest keeping  Aromatic Sake Mist close by. A few mists onto the shoulders is the perfect mid-bath refresher. Relax and let go of your thoughts and cares. Be present and enjoy the moment.
Exiting the Bath: Take a moment to ground yourself. Feel both feet rooted firmly on the ground. Take a few deep breaths and splash cool water on your face. Drink a glass of water.
Nourish: Replenish your skin with our Hikaru Multi-Use Oil. This aromatic experience is a treat for the skin and the senses. Glide it over your skin and take time to connect with your body and nurture yourself.
Yuagari (After Bath)

Yuagari translates to "the moment after the bath". This is time enjoyed as a  moment of luxurious tranquility and is also time to allow your body to cool down. This is the perfect time to do nothing. Enjoy your newfound calm. Sip some tea - hot in winter, cold in summer. Allow yourself to be idle and worry free.

Japanese Bathing Rituals, Amayori 3
Showering can be a similar relaxing ritual experience. By approaching the shower with intention and mindfulness, and by using relaxing aromatics such as our Shower Mochi and Aromatic Body Wash, the shower can be a place of refuge.
Follow the same steps as above and use a Shower Mochi tablet in the place of a bath. Stop, relax, breathe and connect with yourself. Do nothing but be in the moment and enjoy your ritual. Exit the shower the same way you would the bath. Reconnect and take a moment before easing yourself back into the day.