The Japanese Hot Springs Experience Sets

Coming March 1, 2018

"A hot-spring bath can cure anything but love." -Kusatsu folksong

Japan is full of thousands of onsen - naturally occurring hot springs, many of which are in Japan’s beautiful countryside. Hot springs bathing is seen as the ultimate getaway when one needs to relax and decompress. Each hot spring contains mineral rich water, and many are known to have healing benefits due to the specific mineral content. For thousands of years, hot springs have been sought out by bathers looking to soothe their soul through a mentally relaxing and physically rejuvenating soak.

Allow yourself to be transported to a place far away from the busyness and digital overload so typical of today while you experience the relaxing, healing nature of bathing in Japan's natural mineral hot springs (sans the 15-hour flight). The Japanese Hot Springs Experience Set contains four individual use packets with each soak dedicated to a specific mineral hot spring bath: magnesium chloride, sulfur, magnesium sulfate, and sodium bicarbonate. Each soak is a deeply soothing experience and has its own distinct benefits rooted in traditional Japanese bathing culture.

Each 4-ounce packet contains 100% natural mineral salts and compositions, essential oils and extracts. Choose between two Sensorial Journeys: Hinoki Onsen, for the deeply relaxing indoor hot springs experience, or Rotenburo Air, for the rejuvenating outdoor hot springs experience.

Relax and renew your body, mind, and spirit through the elemental healing beauty of Japan’s mineral hot springs.