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Rotenburo Air

Escape the summer heat with a refreshing yuzu-pine collection celebrating Japan's majestic outdoor baths.

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The key, I think, is the scent – they are distinctly escapist, smelling unlike any other kind of bath I’ve had than in those special cypress-wood tubs.

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Our Ingredients

Our products are inspired by a passion for Japan's incredible natural resources of both the sea and land that make up the time-honored Japanese pantry.

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Discover our inspiration

Japanese Bathing Culture

In Japan, the bath is viewed as more than a place to get clean. It is a time and place to wash away the cares and worries of the day.

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A life changing journey

Our Story and Mission

After years of working as a busy real estate agent in New York City, Françoise Decatrel found herself lost in the chaos of a life without balance. She took a journey to Japan in 2013 searching for peace and a new perspective; what she discovered was a world full of elegance, ritual, and serene beauty.

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