Being In the Moment


As I have been working on Amayori I have had the great fortune of being able to delve deeply into Japanese art and design – a long time passion of mine.

A strong component of Japanese aesthetics is the appreciation of nature and the change of seasons. This is particularly apparent in the fabric used for a geisha's kimono. These exquisite outfits are carefully chosen to reflect the current season so that the person watching the geisha can further appreciate the time of year. This also makes the geisha harmonious with her surroundings.

Last Thursday I took a trip (via car) from New York to Central Pennsylvania. The beautiful orange, gold and burgundy foliage against the crisp blue of the sky reminded me of the geisha's kimono.

Getting out of New York and having the opportunity to see the leaves change has been such a blessing. I feel renewed and now understand why the appreciation of the change of seasons is so important in Japan. It's really about being in the moment and appreciating the beauty of what is in front of you.

Every day the colors change and soon the leaves will fall. I encourage everyone to get out while they can enjoy this spectacular time of year.