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“I was seeking bath and body care products that featured the same level of care and attention to detail as traditional skincare products for the face. What I found was that it was impossible to find a natural luxury product line whose sole focus was on the bath and body experince . So, I created my own products. Amayori is solely dedicated to the finest natural luxury bath and body care made from the most exquisite natural ingredients in the world.” -Francoise Decatrel

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Ingredient quality is of the highest importance to us. We spare no expense when it comes to the quality of each ingredient that goes into every bottle we pour. We use the most sumptuous natural ingredients from around the world, many being organic, bio-dynamic, or wild crafted.

Our ingredient philosophy is simple: we believe that there is no need to cover our bodies in chemicals. Our bodies should be treated with the same level of attention, care, respect, and quality with which we treat our faces. 

Our products are vegan. We never have, nor will we ever, participate in animal testing.

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There is so much we can learn from the skincare rituals of Japanese women. Throughout time they have been known for their clear, ageless, flawless skin. For hundreds of years ingredients such as camellia seed oil, rice bran, and sake have been the pillars of the Japanese skincare routine.

Drawing on this Eastern wisdom, Amayori’s base formulas are inspired by traditional Japanese beauty, skincare and body care products. Each product is packed with natural plant based antioxidants and anti-aging skin nourishing properties. 

Amayori, Luxury Japanese Bath and Body Care, Our Ingredients

Using natural plant essences, our scents posses the beauty and intricacy of perfumery while harnessing the power of aromatherapy. We never use artificial fragrance. Each fragrance is made in our studio in small batches using some of the most rare and exotic essential oils in the world. We spare no expense when hand selecting each oil that goes into each blend. 

 Amayori, Japanese Body Care, Ingredients, Amayori

Our products are not made in huge vats in a large lifeless lab. We make our products in micro batches in our loft which is filled with passion, love, and positivity. We know exactly what goes in every bottle we pour. Not only does this maximize freshness, but it allows us to maintain strict quality control. We view each and every product as its own work of art created to take your senses on a journey.

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