Our products are inspired by a love of Japan's incredible natural resources of both the sea and land that make up the time-honored Japanese pantry.

A Celebration of Japan’s Natural Resources

The ingredients at the core of the traditional Japanese diet - such as kombu sea kelp, green tea, and rice - not only promote internal wellness and a sense of harmony, or wa, but many have also been treasured ingredients of the Japanese skincare routine for centuries. The skin is the body’s largest organ. We believe that bathing with and using these ingredients topically is a wonderful way to absorb their health benefits and energy. 

The key tenets of the traditional Japanese kitchen include simplicity and the appreciation of the beauty of each individual ingredient. The same goes for our formulations. We believe in celebrating simplicity and nature, and so you will never find fillers and chemicals in any of our products.

Sourcing and Ingredient Selection

Many crafts, including small-scale farming, the making of sake, and the harvesting of botanical ingredients, are considered to be an almost spiritual art in Japan. Many of these methods are passed down from generation to generation, with artisans dedicating their entire lives to their crafts.

We honor these beautiful traditions through our ingredient selection process. We are dedicated to the highest standard of natural ingredients and are uncompromising on quality.

Small Batch Craftsmanship

We make our products by hand in micro-batches at the Amayori loft which is filled with passion and a dedication to craftsmanship.

Discover a selection of some of our favorite ingredients used in the Amayori collection below.

Japanese Essential Oils

We are honored to be able to feature various Japanese essential oils in our products. The connection these oils have to the beauty of Japan creates a sublime sensorial experience unlike any other. Breathe deeply and let these transformative oils take hold...

Hinoki Essential Oil, Japanese Essential Oils, Japanese Skincare Ingredients, Japanese WellnessHinoki Essential Oil: Hinoki is a prized tree and considered sacred in Japanese culture. It is used in Shinto purification rituals and is considered a valued source of lumber used in many temples and shrines... Read more

Yuzu Essnetial Oil, Japanese Skincare Ingredients, Japanese WellnessYuzu Essential Oil: Yuzu is a citrus fruit that is cultivated in Japan and arrived there by way of Tibet or Central China, where it grows in the wild. Yuzu’s scent is crisp, bright, and a bit more sophisticated and elegant than the usual citrus fruits... Read more
Hiba Essential Oil: Hiba wood is held in high regard throughout Japan. The wood of the hiba tree is used in construction, most notably in Japan’s sacred temples and shrines... Read More

Japanese Teas

Matcha, Japanese Skincare Ingredients, Japanese WellnessMatcha: When it comes to the healing power of Japan’s teas, matcha is an antioxidant-packed gorgeous green powder that is superior to all others... Read more

Sencha Green Tea, Japanese Skincare Ingredients, Japanese WellnessSencha: Made from the season’s first tea leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, our organic sencha is grown by small-scale farmers who lovingly grow, harvest, and prepare these beautiful, rich green leaves... Read more

Japanese Sea Vegetables

Arame: Literally meaning “rough texture,” arame provides a myriad of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, zinc, iron, and iodine. Like most sea vegetables, arame contributes to overall wellbeing... Read more

Kombu: High in vitamins A, B2, C, calcium, iodine, and more, kombu contains a broad spectrum of trace minerals unavailable in land vegetables and plants. Kombu is traditionally believed to be a powerful toxin cleanser... Read more

Mekabu: We have a passion for sea vegetables and are not exaggerating when we say that mekabu may our favorite of them all. Mekabu is the ruffling sprout of the wakame plant and is found just above the holdfast... Read more

Wakame, Japanese Skincare Ingredients, Japanese WellnessWakame: Our wakame is some of the rare remaining wildcrafted wakame and comes from the breathtaking Sanriku coast. Literally meaning “young cloth,” wakame is traditionally believed to strengthen digestion and is irreplaceable for beautifying the skin and hair... Read more

Japanese Sea Salt & Minerals

Hon Nigari, Japanese Magnesium Flakes, Japanese Skincare Ingredients, Japanese WellnessHon Nigari: Hon (true) nigari is a product of fresh seawater and is created during the sea salt drying process, during which the impurities are removed. The most superior of these nutrient-rich crystalline flakes are 99.9% magnesium chloride... Read more

Japanese Sea Salt, Amayori, Japanese Wellness, Japanese Spa Products, Japanese Skincare Ingredients, Japanese Skin Care Ingredients, Japanese Bath Products, Japanese Bath Salt, Japanese Beauty Secrets Okinawan Sea Salt: The sea salt that we have chosen to work with comes from the pristine coral waters that surround the beautiful Ishigaki Island of Okinawa, pumped from 60 feet below sea level. We are passionate about this salt due to its extensive, rich mineral profile (over four dozen minerals)... Read More

Japanese Herbs & Botanicals

Japanese Camellia Oil, Amayori, Japanese Skincare IngredientsJapanese Camellia Oil (Tsubaki): Camellia oil, specifically camellia Japonica is a classic time-honored Japanese skincare and hair care ingredient that has been treasured by the women of Japan for thousands of years. Read more...

Gobo, Amayori, Japanese Wellness, Japanese Spa Products, Japanese Skincare Ingredients, Japanese Skin Care Ingredients, Japanese Bath Products, Japanese Bath Salt, Japanese Beauty Secrets Gobo (Japanese Burdock): Like many root vegetables, burdock is believed to bring strength and vitality. Burdock contains constituents that may reduce inflammation and fight bacteria. It is also a potent blood purifier... Read more

Yomogi, Amayori, Japanese Wellness, Japanese Spa Products, Japanese Skincare Ingredients, Japanese Skin Care Ingredients, Japanese Bath Products, Japanese Bath Salt, Japanese Beauty Secrets Yomogi (Japanese Mugwort): Yomogi is a beloved herb in Japan and is considered to be one of the most important herbs for beauty and skincare... Read more


Rice Bran Oil: Rice bran has been a treasured ingredient in both Japanese skin care and Japanese wellness for centuries. Most rice that is consumed in Japan is white. Rice that is sold as “white” has had the tough outer layer (the bran) removed. The bran is where most of the nutrients are contained... Read more

Sake, Japanese Skincare Ingredients, Japanese Wellness, Sake Skin BenifitsSake: Most people are familiar with sake as a cocktail. Sake is a fermented drink made with rice, pure water, and koji microorganisms. As Japan’s national drink, sake has been consumed for thousands of years during celebrations, ceremonial rituals, dining, and in social settings. What most people don’t know is that sake possesses a number of health benefits both internally and externally. Read more...