How To Have a Beautiful & Mindful Workday

Life doesn’t stop. The purpose of learning relaxation techniques whether it be relaxation through bathing rituals, yoga, or meditation, is to take the tools that we learn and bring them into “real life”.


One of the biggest challenges most of us face is bringing this sense of well-being into the workplace. Following are my favorite ways to bring a sense of beauty and mindfulness into my workday. Even the tiniest changes have huge results. Bring at least one of these rituals into your day and experience how much better the day flows.
  • Make Your Space Yours: Bring in a few things for your desk that comfort you. It can be as large or small as your office space affords. Anything from a candle to a photo or a quote that makes you feel good. Decorate to raise your spirit and energy level. Surround yourself with images and things that remind you of your higher purpose in life.
  • Flowers: Such a simple yet impactful tool. I buy myself flowers every Monday morning. Just looking at them throughout the week reminds me of beauty, nature, and life.
  • Water: Drinking water feels good. Don’t cut back on you water intake just because you are at the office. This is when you need it most. Water is an energizer and will help your body and mind refresh throughout the day.
  • Stretch: If you have the space, tuck a yoga mat under your desk. I like to do 5 minutes of stretching at least twice a day. If you don’t have the space for this there are tons of stretches you can do at your desk. Just move your body. You’ll feel energized after you do.
  • Tea: Skip the coffee. There is nothing like a tea break. My favorite is jasmine tea in the morning, then green tea in the afternoon. I get a lift in energy and know I am doing something healthy for myself. You will also get the sense of calm that drinking tea always brings. Take a minute and enjoy the experience. Create a ritual.
  • Green Juice: Something I treat myself to a few times a week that always makes me feel amazing. I add lots of lemon and ginger which gets my blood flowing. This is a great way to do something very healthy for yourself. You know it’s good for you and you’ll feel great drinking it.
  • Step Outside: Sometimes this is impossible but in most cases the world won’t crumble if you take 5-10 minutes to step outside and take a walk around the block. We need sun and fresh air. Stop. Get up and take a moment to enjoy the day. You’ll come back to the office feeling like a new person.
Hoping this helps make your work day more beautiful and mindful. Remember: you set the tone of your day. If the calm and beauty isn't there, bring it with you.
With gratitude,




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