A Closer Look at Camellia Japonica Oil

Amayori Camellia Japonica Bathing Oil

A little over a year ago, I came across a very special camellia japonica oil that is grown on a small-scale farm without pesticides in the foothills of Sakurajima – an active stratovolcano in Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan. When I first touched and smelled this oil, I was blown away by its fresh, lightly roasted scent. I have truly never smelled a vegetable oil so fresh before. I began importing it shortly after and quickly incorporated it into Amayori’s Hikaru Multi-Use Oil and Botanical Perfume Oil. This camellia is now among my favorite ingredients to work with.

About the Farm

The farm was founded in January 2015 by a retiree whose parents and grandparents had cultivated the land for sweet potatoes in the past. No pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers are used.

When describing his oil, this farmer focuses on four main features:

Feature 1: The Tropical Sun and Soil of SakurajimaFeature 1 Image, Amayori
Feature 2: No Pesticides, Herbicides or FertilizersFeature 2 Image, Amayori
Feature 3: Camellia Seeds are Sun DriedFeature 3 Image, Amayori
Feature 4: Traditional Pressing MethodsFeature 4 Image 1, AmayoriFeature 4 Image 2, AmayoriFeature 4 Image 3, Amayori

Camellia Japonica in Classical Japanese Beauty Routines

Also known as tsubaki, camellia japonica oil is not to be confused with more readily available camellia oils, such as camellia sinensis and camellia oleifera. This special ingredient has been a mainstay in Japanese beauty and wellness routines for centuries. And for good reason – camellia oil has the richest antioxidant profile of any botanical oil available. Camellia oil is the preferred oil among Japan’s geisha, who use it for both their skin and hair and is hands down one of the most nourishing oils available.

Something Special is Coming Soon

I began to think about how nourishing a full-body treatment with this oil could be. Plus, I love the energetic properties of using an ingredient that comes from such well-tended, nutrient-rich soil. I feel that energy is passed through ingredients, just as food made with love is more nourishing than food that is mass produced. On my last order of camellia oil the farmer sent me photos of beautiful Sakurajima. This oil and it’s new product are infused with love and passion. It comes straight from the farm through Amayori’s front door. I can’t wait to share this special product with you soon.

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