Experiencing the Body Misting Essence

Amayori Body Misting Essence

Our Body Misting Essence is so much more than a body mist. Its sake-based formula is brimming with exquisite mood-shifting essential oils as well as some of Japan’s most incredible botanical ingredients. This mist is an unparalleled treat for the skin and senses.

The Body Misting Essence is most commonly used after a bath or shower. It has many other amazing uses, too. Here are a few of my favorites:

The  Pre-Ritual Mood Shifter

How: As an instant mood shifter, by misting the shoulders before stepping into the shower and taking a few deep breaths. 

Why: Taking this moment to pause and focus on the aromatic elements of the essential oils is a quick way to shift gears and let go of the cares of your day.

When: Morning or night, right before you get into the shower.

The Skin Treat

How: As a shower or bath skin-purifying and nurturing treatment, by misting the body and getting into a hot shower or bath.

Why: Burdock root and wakame will open your pores while yomogi and sencha nourish your skin. When you are submersed in warm to hot water, as well as steam, your pores will open and will absorb more of the benefits from the botanical ingredients.

When: Any time you have a few extra minutes and want to pamper the skin, mist over the entire body before proceeding into the shower or bath. This is amazing to do after dry brushing, too.

The Atmosphere Maker

How: As an aromatherapy mist, by misting the shoulders and/or your surroundings and breathing deeply.

Why: Each fragrance is made up of incredible essential oils from around the world, and each fragrance has its purpose.

When: Perfect before meditation, yoga, or any time you need to relax.

The Clean Beauty Alternative

How: As a natural deodorant.

Why: Many of the oils we use in our aromatic blends, such as hinoki essential oil and yuzu, contain antibacterial properties. Also, burdock root and wakame promote detoxification of the pores.

When: After a bath or shower. Also perfect for midday touch-ups.

I also use this mist as a hair perfume just for fun and as a pillow mist. There are so many possibilities, which is why I will never travel without at least one fragrance of Body Misting Essence. Speaking of travel, a few mists in the air are an easy way to make any hotel room feel more like home.

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