Luxury Bath Salts: A Very Special Soak

Luxury Bath Salts, Amayori

I consider Luxury Bath Salts to be my baby - Amayori's original product. These salts are an extra special treat and so much thought has gone into the selection of their ingredients.

When I would take a bath before I started Amayori, I was always mystified by bath salt directions that suggested that I "toss a handful" into the tub. This never seemed like enough to me and I always wound up using more than stated on the directions.

Luxury Bath Salts, AmayoriA handful of salts is pictured on the left. One single use pouch of Amayori’s Luxury Bath Salts is on the right.

I make products based on the way that I use them. Each individual pouch of Luxury Bath Salts is a generous 4 ounces. In these 4 ounces, there are multiple mineral rich salts from around the world, detoxifying organic kelp, and nourishing green tea. The 4 ounce pouch allows you to fully absorb the benefits of these exquisite natural ingredients. More is more, in this case.

I believe in abundance. We shouldn't skimp on ourselves, especially when we have carved out special time to take a bath. There is something luxurious and decadent about pouring a full pouch of these salts into a tub. Doing this says, "I'm treating myself" loud and clear.

Now, let's talk about fragrance: Every time essential oils are exposed to air, oxidation (degradation) occurs in both fragrance and the healing ability of the oils. When we package or Luxury Bath Salts, each pouch is immediately heat sealed so there is no oxidation as there would be if you were opening and closing a container each time you took a bath. When you are ready for your bath, the essential oils are as fresh as they possibly could be. Your bath will be alive with fragrance, bringing you the best possible Aromatic Experience available. All you need to do is shut your eyes, relax, and allow your soul to experience the beauty of the Japanese Bath.

I suggest soaking in Luxury Bath Salts at least once a week. They are available in five of Amayori's core Aromatic Experiences and will take your soul and senses on a journey. Indulge, enjoy, and treat yourself to a truly otherworldly soaking experience that is so much more than a handful. 

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