New Details from Japan that You Are Going to Love

I recently ordered a beautiful foundation brush from Japan. I decided that this one brush would replace the ten foundation and concealer brushes that I had. The brush is made by a company that has been making makeup brushes for 250 years. This concept is distinctly Japanese and one of the many things I love about Japanese culture: invest in quality and don’t have things that are subpar and unnecessary.

My brush arrived in the mail and I eagerly opened the package. In the box I found a simple hand-folded white envelope of a gorgeous hand-wrinkled Japanese paper called kyoseishi. It looked and felt like luxurious fabric and was breathtaking to unfold. On the white origami-like envelope lay a small white sticker of the company’s logo. The envelope was bound together with a single white cord. The presentation was stunning, yet understated.

I untied the cord and was delighted by what I saw next. A white film of otherworldly, gossamer mizutamashi lace-paper created a layer over the brush allowing it to peek through. This tactile, sensorial experience was unforgettable. I closed and opened my package over and over. I became obsessed with the feel of the materials and how they made me feel when I opened them.

I began to search Japan for these special papers that are so breathtaking and am thrilled to tell you they are now part of Amayori’s packaging. These extra special touches on the inside are an expression of love of Japanese design and its understated luxury.

One last new addition – the inside of our boxes are now stamped with what is called a hanko seal. These custom-made seals are traditionally used as signatures in Japan on anything from artwork to documents. Amayori’s hanko seal bears the kanji characters for the names Amayah (night rain) and Kaori (beautifully scented). Amayori is a combination of these two names and the seal is a beautiful memory from my first trip to Japan. It is a reminder to me of when, how, and why Amayori was born. Stamping this seal on each box – a task I will always do with my own two hands – brings me to a place of gratitude for having found such beauty in life when I was feeling lost and confused. This is a reminder that life brings you gifts when you least expect it.

Little moments of authentic beauty are what makes our days special.  I hope that every time you open one of these new packages, that your spirits are moved and that you experience a sensorial journey to Japan.

Warm wishes,


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