Slow Beauty, Now Micro-Batched

Slow Beauty, Now Micro-Batched

Since day one, I have been proud and honored to handcraft Amayori’s products. Over the years, I have had people ask me why I don’t have things made in a lab or factory. The truth is, I would never do that, no matter how large Amayori grows. 

I have always stayed away from mass-produced foods and prefer to either make things from scratch or to buy from small-scale companies whose backgrounds I know. This philosophy of slow living extends to Amayori and is one of the reasons our products feel so special.

Amayori's 5th birthday is coming in November. As Amayori grew, I began making products on a monthly and then bi-monthly basis. Now that I have learned more about the energetic qualities of food and ingredients through my macrobiotic practice, I have re-evaluated Amayori’s production process and have decided to make less, more frequently. From this point forward, we will be making products on a rolling basis of every two weeks. For me, this means lots more work, but I love it, so it’s a pleasure. For you, it means that you will have the liveliest, freshest, most vibrant aromatic products possible.

To me, this change is exciting for two reasons. One is the freshness of the product, as I discussed above. The other reason is energy. Everything is made of energy. We know when we hold an object in our hands whether it makes us feel good or not. I believe that the fresher the product, the more healing that product will be and the more energy it will carry with it. 

Just FYI—when I make Amayori’s products, I insist on being in a good mood. If I feel unfocused, I wait for another day or sit and meditate for a while. I always have music going, and I try to sing along if I’m alone. I want to infuse each product with joy, energy, and positivity. I can tell you as a fact that if our products were made in a factory, they would not have this special spark. I hope you are as excited about these changes as I am. 

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