The Amayori Sento — Tea Ceremony

A   J O U R N A L   O F   B E A U T Y

Life Lessons From Tea Ceremony: Mindfulness & Making Time

One of the things that always captivates me during a tea ceremony is the thoughtfulness that goes behind every movement. This is no exaggeration – every single tiny movement is orchestrated. The intention is to create beauty that the guest who is being served tea, can enjoy. These movements create a sense of mindfulness and take the guest out of the day to day and into a world of beauty. When I first began studying tea ceremony I found this somewhat tedious. I believe it was my third class where we spent three hours sitting on tatami mat floors and learned to fold the fukusa - a cloth used during tea ceremony to purify the objects being used. We did...

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Life Lessons from Tea Ceremony: Ichigo Ichie

I recently began taking tea ceremony classes on the weekends. I have always been obsessed with the Japanese arts and tea ceremony struck me as something special from the beginning. It is a form of meditation and ritual. The movements are graceful and flowing. Every little detail is done with intention. Philosophically, there is so much in tea ceremony that can be applied to life. Over the next few months as I take these classes I plan to write about one special lesson that I take away from each class. I wish I could share everything here but that would turn into a book of its own. Ichigo Ichie I have always loved this phrase Ichigo Ichie. It translates to “one...

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