The Aromatic Journey

As you immerse yourself into the warm water of an onsen bath, the crisp spring air provides the perfect complement to the water's heat. Letting out a long exhale, all tension and worries float away. Nearby is a cherry blossom tree in full bloom. Its vivid pink flowers hint at the warmer months to come and are a reminder of the rebirth that all living beings experience as the earth wakes up from winter. 

The beauty of the cherry blossoms will only last for a short while. This is a bath to be celebrated and savored while observing the fragility of life's fleeting beauty.

The Fragrance
Using 100% natural plant oils and extractions, Cherry Blossom is a blend of rare ingredients including beautifully fragrant tuberose enfleurage, mood-elevating jasmine grandiflorum, and peaceful Australian sandalwood. The result is a seductive feminine scent with light fruity top notes, gorgeous floral middle notes, and sweet, sultry vanilla and amber base notes.