Cherry Blossom

The Aromatic Journey
In Japan, cherry blossoms are known as sakura. These gorgeous trees bloom their beautiful flowers from late March through early April. Once fully bloomed, the flowers last about two weeks before falling softly from their branches. To many, their springtime bloom symbolizes hope and new life. At the same time, the cherry blossom's short lifespan reminds one that while life is beautiful, it is also temporary.
Hanami, or flower viewing, is done with an almost religious passion. Strolls are taken in admiration of the cherry blossoms, picnics are held with friends and family, the Geisha perform a series of dances for the public known as “Miyako Odori.” When people in Japan gather to view the cherry blossoms, it isn't just to admire their beauty, but also to remember the fragility of life while celebrating the beauty of the moment.
The Fragrance
Using 100% natural plant oils and extractions, Cherry Blossom is a blend of rare ingredients including beautifully fragrant tuberose enfleurage, mood-elevating jasmine grandiflorum, and peaceful Australian sandalwood. The result is a seductive feminine scent with light fruity top notes, gorgeous floral middle notes, and sweet, sultry vanilla and amber base notes. In a word, this fragrance is heaven.