(easy, effortless relaxation and wellbeing)

Dotted throughout Japan’s hot spring towns are ashiyu — mineral-rich hot spring foot baths. Seen as a casual alternative to full-body soaking, ashiyu provide easy wellbeing and relaxation.

Available in two mood-shifting fragrances, the Hot Springs Mineral Foot Soak is inspired by this Japanese tradition and is an effortless way to experience many of the physical and emotional benefits of a full-body bath. Some of these benefits include mental relaxation, release of muscle tension, better sleep, reduced stress, increased circulation, and replenishment of the body's minerals. On an energetic level, foot soaks disperse stagnant energy and will move it to different regions of the body.

The Hot Springs Mineral Foot Soak is made with hon nigari, an ultra-pure magnesium chloride from the Sea of Japan. Magnesium is THE relaxation mineral and is believed to calm the mind while it relaxes tight muscles. Also included is cleansing, skin-soothing flowers of sulfur. In addition, we have added two wild-crafted seaweeds: Hokkaido kombu and mekabu — the flowering bud of the wakame plant. Both are known for their high mineral content and are traditionally believed to cleanse metals from the body.