The Snow Onsen

Inner Peace

Aromatic Experience: The tranquility of  soaking in an outdoor onsen bath among the falling snow. Inner peace, calm, stillness, quieting of the mind.

In Japanese bathing culture, the height of the winter bath experience is a soak in an open air onsen (hot spring) bath amid beautiful falling snow and lush forest trees. The sensation of the heat from the mineral rich water and the cooling sensation of the snow create a surreal, otherworldly sense of tranquility. Many onsen are made from Japanese hinoki cypress. This makes the experience even more relaxing with hinoki's mystical, woody aroma. The scent of hinoki wood blends beautifully with the crisp snow air and aromatic forest trees.

Allow The Snow Onsen to transport you to an open air bath in a beautiful forest among to softly falling snow.

Siberian Fir captures the scent of crisp winter air and brings a sense of stillness and inner peace. Organic white pine brings the scent of lush forest evergreens while it calms and expands the mind.  Exotic hinoki cypress and hiba wood essential oils portray the scent of the Japanese bath and help promote deep relaxation. Wild orange provides a cheerful citrus note that brightens even the coldest winter. Lush, French geranium bourbon add a touch of femininity and mystery.

Shut your eyes, take reprieve from your day, and experience the transformational beauty of a winter onsen bath during a peaceful snowfall. 


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