An aromatic experience for inner peace that celebrates Japan's winter tradition of hot spring bathing amid falling snow. 

The Fragrance

Aromatic Siberian fir captures the scent of crisp winter air and brings a sense of stillness and inner peace. Organic white pine brings the scent of lush forest evergreens while it calms and expands the mind. Exotic hinoki cypress oil recreates the scent of the Japanese bath and helps promote deep relaxation. Wild orange, tangerine, and Japanese yuzu provide a cheerful citrus note that brightens even the coldest winter. Geranium balances the emotions and evokes a sense of wellbeing.

Our Approach

Our bath and body care products are designed to be used together as a coordinated ritual. Each product enhances the next, creating a transformational, mood-shifting experience.
We suggest that you use products from within one fragrance collection. This will strengthen the benefits of the essential oils and botanical ingredients while making for a more immersive bathing ritual.


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