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Arctium lappa

Provenance: Japan

About: Burdock is a beloved ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Aside from being a popular side dish, its tea is often consumed, and it is appreciated for its medicinal benefits.

Like many root vegetables, burdock is believed to bring strength and vitality. Burdock contains constituents that may reduce inflammation and fight bacteria. It is also a potent blood purifier that has a strong cleansing action on the body. Because of this detoxifying power, burdock tea is often taken by those with skin problems such as acne or eczema. Burdock can alleviate skin conditions with topical applications as well – when applied to the skin, burdock purifies, soothes, and reduces irritation. 

Our burdock comes from Japan where it is preserved the traditional way - sasagaki style. The root is shaved into fine slivers, then left to dry in the sun during the clear, cold days of winter. Once it makes its way into our studio, we begin a two-month-long gentle extraction process in a base of organic glycerine.

Featured In: The Body Misting Essence.