Sake, Japanese Skincare Ingredients, Amayori

Rice ferment filtrate

Provenance: Hyogo, Japan

About: Most people are familiar with sake as a cocktail. Sake is a fermented drink made with rice, pure water, and koji microorganisms. As Japan’s national drink, sake has been consumed for thousands of years during celebrations, ceremonial rituals, dining, and in social settings. What most people don’t know is that sake possesses a number of health benefits both internally and externally. 

When looking at sake from a skincare perspective, it is easy to see that sake provides a myriad of key benefits: moisture, the ability to brighten, anti-aging, and the ability to prevent roughness when used on a regular basis. These benefits are why we use a base of 60% sake in our beloved leave-on mist, the Body Misting Essence.

Sake’s brightening power comes from kojic acid which prohibits the activity of melanin, the cause of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Sake’s anti-aging abilities stem from ferulic acids which are hardworking UV light absorbers. Saccharides and amino acids are what contributes to sake’s ability to moisturize. 

From a full-body health perspective, sake has shown the ability to reduce cancer risk, reduce weight as it is relatively low in calories, reduce diabetes risk with insulin-like activators, and prevent high blood pressure with nine types of peptides that prohibit enzyme activation. The list goes on and on and also includes Alzheimer’s prevention as well as a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease.

Our sake comes from a brewery in Hyogo prefecture that has been brewing sake since 1662. This brewery prides itself on using nature's best water - “Miya Mizu” or ‘heavenly water”, which flows from the Rokko Mountains.

Featured In: The Body Misting Essence