For thousands of years, Japanese hot springs have been sought out by bathers looking to soothe their soul through a mentally relaxing and physically rejuvenating soak. This ritual brings this time-honored tradition to you. Take a break from your day and immerse yourself in the healing beauty of Japan's mineral rich hot springs.
Step 1: Mist the air with Aromatic Sake Mist. Take a moment to shift gears and breathe deeply. 
Step 2: Dry Brush to exfoliate and stimulate flow.
Step 3: As is the tradition of Japanese bathing rituals, shower first using our Aromatic Body Wash and the Open Weave Washcloth
Step 4: Decide on the Japanese Hot Springs Soak that your body and soul need most. Pour one packet into the bath. Try to soak for at least 30 minutes.
When you exit the bath, get up slowly. Take a moment to ground yourself by drinking a glass of water. Pat skin dry with your towel - don't rub. 
Step 6: Moisturize and nourish with Hikaru Multi-Use Oil while the skin is still damp.