Amayori, Hinoki Home Fragrance, Liquid Incense, Luxury Home Fragrance, Ambrosial Ofuro Home Essence, Amayori
Ambrosial Ofuro Home Essence Diffuser Oil
Amayori, Hinoki Home Fragrance, Liquid Incense, Luxury Home Fragrance, Ambrosial Ofuro Home Essence, Box, Amayori

Ambrosial Ofuro Home Essence Diffuser Oil

$ 50.00

After a long day, you light a stick of incense, shed your clothes, and take a shower to wash away the day’s grime. Upon opening a door you step into a dimly lit room where a hinoki cypress deep-soaking ofuro bath awaits. Here, you take refuge from life’s worries and regain peace of mind. As you fill up the bath, the scent of hinoki is released upon the contact of warm water to wood. As you slip into the bath and submerge your body into balmy, enveloping water, the ethereal scent of incense floats in the air. With each ambrosial inhale, one by one, life’s cares melt away until you are enveloped in a sense of tranquility.

Ambrosial Ofuro is a blend of botanical oils and extracts that promote tranquility. This luscious incense-meets-nectar fragrance opens with soft, warm notes of relaxing hinoki cypress, hiba wood, and sandalwood. A touch of ylang ylang calms the mind while entrancing magnolia champaca and galangal add a hint of the exotic. A subtle note of vanilla brings comfort and ease.

10 ml / .34 fl oz

Inspired by the Japanese art of appreciating fragrance, or kodo (the way of incense), the Home Essences provide a fragrant, smoke-free alternative for the mindful, aromatic art of incense appreciation while utilizing the mood-enhancing benefits of pure essential oil fragrance.

Each Home Essence is an abstract version of its respective core fragrance from the Amayori collection. Comprised of rare and exotic essential oils from around the world, these can be used with any essential oil diffuser. Sit quietly and enjoy your favorite Home Essence as a way to relax, rejuvenate, or to simply take a break from a busy day. It is also perfect as a bath-side or spa accompaniment, for the office, or to deepen yoga and meditation sessions.

Pause, shut your eyes, and take a slow, deep breath. Read the story of the fragrance that is on the slip of rice paper tucked inside each box. Allow your soul and senses to be immersed in this experience.

Place 12-15 drops into your aromatherapy diffuser and enjoy. To bring fragrance to intimate spaces, add 5 drops of Home Essence to our Tokoname Stone Diffuser- this is a wonderful way to scent bathrooms and guestrooms.

Chamaecyparis obtusa (hinoki) essential oil, *Fokienia hodginsii (Siam wood) essential oil, Michelia champaca (champaca) extract, Botanical fragrance (essential oils & extracts)

*certified organic / **wild crafted

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