Rotenburo Air Japanese Bathing Ritual Introduction Set, Amayori

Rotenburo Air Japanese Bathing Ritual Introduction Set

$ 125.00

Aromatic Experience: Evoke a journey to a breathtaking hillside open-air rotenburo bath in Japan. Experience fresh air, rejuvenation, revivement, upliftment, and replenishment.

The Fragrance: Japanese yuzu citrus relaxes and brings positivity to the body and mind while wild orange replenishes, revives and uplifts. A refreshing mix of select feminine conifers such as organic white pine and organic balsam fir add brightness and the scent of clean, crisp air. Monarda flower relieves stress and promotes positivity while white frankincense reduces tension and encourages slow breathing.

The Product: In Japan bathing is believed to cleanse the soul and calm the mind and spirit. Enjoy a fragrant bathing ritual while we guide you through our products step by step. The Japanese Bathing Ritual Introduction Set is a beautiful collection of coordinated luxury aromatherapy, bath, and body care products designed to give you the experience of a day at a luxurious Japanese spa. This set is a wonderful way to acquaint yourself with the art of bathing Japanese-style and our fragrances and products.

Set Contents:

  • Rotenburo Air Aromatic Sake Mist  – 50 ml
  • Rotenburo Air Aromatic Body Wash– 60 ml
  • Rotenburo Air Hikaru Multi-Use Oil – 50 ml
  • Rotenburo Air Luxury Bath Salts – One 4 oz single use packet
  • Rotenburo Air Shower Mochi Aromatherapy Shower Tablet –(one 40 gram tablet)

Each set is presented in a luxurious heavy weight gift box wrapped in gorgeous rice paper.


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