Suvé Short Body Brush - Semi-Hard
Suvé Short Body Brush - Semi-Hard
Suvé Short Body Brush - Semi-Hard
Suvé Short Body Brush - Semi-Hard

Suvé Short Body Brush - Semi-Hard

$ 130.00

Suvé brushes are the most luxurious cleansing tools we have come across. 

These beautifully designed compact brushes are made to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Each brush delivers an unparalleled in-shower massage while enhancing the foaming action of body wash or soap. 

The “Semi-Hard” version of this brush provides medium strength in-shower exfoliation that is gentle on the skin due to its lofty, pliable bristle. 

Each brush is made with rich walnut wood and includes a ribbon for easy hanging and drying.

Materials: Walnut wood, Badger hair bristles
Dimensions: 2” (w) x 2” (l) x 2.4” (h)

The Suvé brush collection is part of the Shaquda brush line. Shaquda is located in the eastern part of Hiroshima in the town of Kumano, which has been Japan’s most admired brush-making town since the Edo period.

Shaquda is committed to three things: craftsmanship, design, and style. Each brush is born from the fusion of traditional Kumano craftsmanship and modern aesthetics.

Each maker puts their heart and soul into each Suvé brush. The hairs are selected by hand, and each brush shape is made by using traditional koma tools.

Wet bristles and apply a quarter-size amount of the Aromatic Body Wash (or any other wash or soap of your choosing). Apply lathered brush on your skin and wash gently while massaging. Take your time and breathe deeply. If using Amayori’s Aromatic Body Wash, you can continue brushing your skin as long as desired, as our wash is skin-soothing and nurturing.

Be sure to rinse bristles until the water runs clear of soap. Squeeze the brush tip to ensure there is no water left. If any soap comes out in this step, rinse again thoroughly. Hang brush to dry by its ribbon. Store cleaned brush in well-ventilated area.

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