The Three Baths Botanical Perfume Oil Set, Hinoki Perfume, Amayori

The Three Baths Botanical Perfume Oil Set

$ 195.00

Three 10 ml / .35 fl oz bottles

The Fragrances: The Three Baths is a grouping of aromatic experiences  who's fragrances are inspired by traditional Japanese bathing rituals. Each scent transports you to a different encounter: an indoor hinoki cypress wood bath, a mountainside, open-air bath, and a serene deep-soaking hinoki tub.

Rotenburo Air (Rejuvenation) - Inspired by Japan's beautiful outdoor baths.

Hinoki Onsen (Deep, Meditative Relaxation) - Inspired by Japan's fragrant hinoki wood hot springs baths.

Ambrosial Ofuro (Everyday Relaxation) - Inspired by the deep soaking fragrant hinoki wood tubs that grace traditional Japanese homes and inns.

The Product: Experience the beauty of Japanese bathing rituals with this natural perfume in a base of luscious organic camellia seed oil. Botanical Perfume Oil also has the benefits of a concentrated mood-enhancing treatment for the pulse-points.

The Ritual: Roll onto the pulse points as desired as well as behind the neck, across the collarbone, or on the soles of the feet for an ultra-relaxing treat. Take a moment to breathe in and relax. Use as desired throughout your day. 

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