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Hinoki Bath Stool
Hinoki Bath Stool
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Hinoki Bath Stool

$ 135.00

Step into any Japanese bathhouse or onsen, and you are sure to find a stool near the washing area to be used before proceeding into the bath to soak. The most beloved of these stools are made from hinoki cypress wood, which gives off an entrancing scent when wet. 

Hinoki wood is resistant to mold and mildew, and therefore, you may take this stool into the shower if desired (just allow it to dry between uses). Perhaps how we love using this stool most is as a bath-side table for keeping bath products and perhaps a glass of water or sake while soaking. The Hinoki Bath Stool instantly turns any bathroom into a Japanese bathhouse-inspired oasis and makes for a more authentic bathing experience.

Materials: Hinoki cypress wood
Provenance: Japan

International Customers: Please note that due to its size and weight, this product does not qualify for our flat rate international shipping. If you live outside of North America and would like to purchase this item, please email customercare@amayori.com with your full shipping address and we will get back to you shortly with all pertinent information.

Established in 1960, the Tosaryu company is located among the breathtaking mountain ranges of Kochi, Japan. With a focus on sustainability, Tosaryu considers themselves stewards of the beautiful land that surrounds their workshop. Specializing in hinoki cypress wood, Tosaryu appreciates each tree by using all of its parts across their range of products, leaving nothing to waste. Unlike mass-produced hinoki products, which are often dried with chemicals, Tosaryu’s wood is naturally dried for three to six months before use. They believe that this slow-drying method preserves the integrity of the wood and its many benefits, including its mesmerizing fragrance.

If you use the stool in the shower, let it dry between uses, making sure to expose the bottom of the legs to air to allow them to dry thoroughly. Wipe down with a damp cloth on occasion to get rid of any dust. Do not leave in direct sunlight.

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