Yukata Robe (Bamboo)
Yukata Robe (Bamboo)
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Yukata Robe (Bamboo)

Yukata Robe (Bamboo)

$ 70.00

Yukata are casual cotton kimono often worn as robes around hot spring towns and at Japanese ryokan (traditional inns). They are beloved as after-bath loungewear and evoke a sense of ease and nostalgia when worn.

The “yu” in yukata means “hot water,” and “kata” comes from the word “katabira,” which means a thin unlined robe.

We love yukata for lounging around the house, especially pre- or post-bath. Try lounging in your yukata after a soak while enjoying a good book and diffusing Amayori’s Home Essence Diffuser Oil.

Each yukata is made from 100% cotton and features a deep-blue bamboo print. In Japanese culture, bamboo symbolizes strength and purity.

Provenance: Kyoto, Japan

Sakurai Shoji has been making yukata in Kyoto since 1963. They believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of wearing kimono and so continue to make casual cotton kimono and yukata in Japan’s ancient capital.

Please note that each yukata is the same width – the sizes vary based on height only. Just like kimono, they are adjustable to fit your body. These yukata will fit anyone with a 24"~41" waist. 

For complete directions on how to wear yukata the traditional way, please see our guide:



Depending on how often you wear your yukata, remove the belt and wash it in your washer's normal/color cycle in warm water. Hang to dry. To remove any wrinkles, iron on medium heat. 

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