The Story & Inspriation Behind the Cherry Blossom Ritual



In Japan, cherry blossoms are known as “Sakura.” The trees bloom their beautiful flowers in late March through early April.  Once fully bloomed the flowers last about two weeks before falling softly from their branches. To many their spring-time bloom symbolizes hope and new life. Their short life also reminds one that while life is beautiful, it is also temporary.


"Hanami" or "flower viewing" is done with religious-like fervor. Strolls are taken in admiration, picnics are held with friends and family, the Geisha perform a series of dances for the public known as “Miyako Odori”. Many companies also hold outdoor parties for their employee’s to celebrate the short season. When the Japanese gather to view the cherry blossoms it isn't just to admire their beauty but to also remember the fragility of life.


I have been lucky enough to be traveling in Japan during this beautiful time of year. What Cherry blossom season has taught me is to stop and appreciate life and the beauty of being in the moment. Also, that spring is more than just a season, it's a time for renewal and new beginnings. Appreciating spring and the beautiful Cherry Blossoms are a wonderful yearly ritual. I carried this ritual home with me. The Cherry Blossom Ritual is my way to share this beautiful experience with you.


We developed the Cherry Blossom Ritual as a way for everyone to experience and celebrate the beauty of the cherry blossoms – thereby promoting happiness and serenity. The ritual captures the feminine, floral, sweet scent of the cherry blossom flowers and uses 100% natural essential oils. However, just as the cherry blossom flowers are here temporarily, so is this fragrance ritual.


We hope the Cherry Blossom ritual will bring you happiness & serenity and serve as a way to celebrate the beauty of spring.












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