Amayori | Self-Love through Scent and Self-Care


Today I want to talk about self-love. 


I created Amayori to help women bring beauty into their lives through scent and self-care. I hear so many women say that they don't have the time to spend a moment by themselves or the time to nurture their body, mind, or spirit. Not true. We all have time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It’s what you do with this time that matters most.


When I was living the hectic life of a real estate agent in New York City I needed a way to wind down at the end of the day. I realized that the time I took when I was taking a shower or a bath was the only time I wasn't checking emails, thinking about other people, answering the phone, etc. It was the only time when I was truly alone. I decided to take advantage of these rare moments and began creating fragrance and bathing rituals that were inviting and engaging. I started to, and still do, look forward to bathing every single day as it is my time to reconnect with myself as well as revive, renew and relax.


Through bathing we come in contact many healing elements. Scent, touch, water, just to name a few. These are all things we can experience at home on a daily basis. Even if you only have a few extra moments you can turn those moments into something beautiful. Sometimes my moment consists of simply spraying some of Amayori’s Mood Spray and breathing. Taking this tiny bit of time for myself contributes to my life in a positive way.


Take the time to nurture yourself and just "be". Experience how your body feels, clear your head, take a moment. There's no better way to love yourself than to connect with yourself physically and emotionally at the same time.  Bathing is the perfect way to do just that.


Happy Valentine’s day.






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