Sunday Evening Rituals


 There is something about Sunday evenings that is calm and serene. They are a time to wind down and connect with ourselves. Sunday evenings are a time to make peace with the past week while recharging ourselves for the new week ahead.

I have always had Sunday evening rituals. Since traveling to Japan and discovering bathing rituals, my Sundays have become even more special and have been focused on my mind, body, and spirit.

My Sunday evening ritual begins with an extensive dry brush session before a long soak in the bath with Amayori's Onsen Ritual Bath Salts. The Onsen Ritual is aromatherapy for deep, meditative relaxation. A bath with this aromatherapy fragrance relaxes me like nothing else. Hinoki essential oil, the main ingredient in the blend, comes from the Hinoki Cypress which is used to build many traditional bath tubs in Japan. The scent is intoxicating. It's no wonder that Hinoki wood is prized throughout Japan for centuries for it's deeply relaxing scent.

Japanese bathing rituals revolve around bathing as a meditative practice. As I soak in the water all of my cares slip away and I feel an overwhelming sense of inner peace and clarity. After emerging from the bath I feel relaxed, revived, and renewed. My week has come to an end, I have cleared myself of any negativity and am ready for the week ahead.


Whatever your Sunday ritual is, enjoy it.

Wishing you a beautiful end to the week and an amazing week ahead.





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