The Magic of Saturday Summer Evenings


I have always loved Saturday summer evenings, especially after a long day outside. Even better if the day has been spent by the water. There is a certain calm that comes as the sun goes down. Something special is in the air - a relaxed elegance that only summer can bring.


After a long day in the sun the shower becomes a magical place. Maybe it brings us back to summer camp and beach vacations. A big part of this experience is fragrance. I have always kept my bathroom stocked with a myriad of summer scented products. They take me away and relax me even more. This love of summer fragrance is what led to Amayori’s Summer Breeze Ritual. Summer Breeze is a way to relax, escape, refresh and cool off and captures the true essence of a summer’s evening.


After my shower I always have a cocktail, usually outside and watch the sun set. If I’m in the city I go to my roof where I have a beautiful view of the East River. I just love this relaxing, happy time of the day.


Summer dinners should always be special. Something easy, fun, casual and healthy - anything that says summer to you.


I love the feeling of getting into bed after being outside all day. I always feel I sleep better. It’s just like being a kid after a long day at the beach. Maybe it’s the sun. Whatever it is, embrace the feeling of summer and create your own rituals. Enjoy and savor this beautiful time of the year.





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