How to Enjoy Shower Mochi - Tips For a Long Lasting Spa-Like Experience


Shower Mochi allows you to have a luxurious and easy spa-like experience in the shower. It is a great alternative to a long, relaxing bath and easily allows you to have an aromatic, bathing ritual experience.
I am often asked the best way to use Shower Mochi so I thought I would share my favorite tips:


    • Allow the shower to run for a bit and let the bathroom to fill up with steam. This allows the essential oils that are released to hold in the air better.


    •  Place OUT OF the direct stream of water: I place my Shower Mochi off to the side so it is getting water on the bottom but not being “rained on” by the water from the shower head. This will make for a longer-lasting experience. I even move the Mochi tablet around with my foot adjusting how quickly it dissolves. All you need is a little water running under it to slowly release the aromatherapy fragrances.


    •  Avoid conflicting scents: When I use Shower Mochi I pair it up with Amayori’s coordinating products so that I get a full-on aromatherapy experience. For example, I will use Zen Morning Shower Mochi with Zen Morning Shower Gel. Coordinating products only add to the experience – that’s why we make them. That said, if you don’t have our matching products, try to use shower gel or soap that is fragrance free or at least something that doesn’t conflict or override the scent of the Shower Mochi. I have a shampoo that I love but it has a very strong scent that is somewhat domineering. If I’m washing my hair, I save my Mochi for another shower where I can give it my complete attention.


    •  Save the best for last: I love to take care of all the typical shower stuff (washing, shaving, etc.) first. When I’m done with all of that I can relax and enjoy Shower Mochi more and can focus on enjoying the aroma and breathing. Then, I exit the shower relaxed revived and renewed.



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