5 Life-Changing Japanese Beauty and Lifestyle Tips

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I have learned so much from Japanese culture, in particular, Japanese women. Japan is a place where diet, mindfulness, art, and beauty all seem to merge into lifestyle.

This is just a sampling of some of my favorite lifestyle perspectives that can easily be incorporated into your life.

"Regardless of time, a soak is an end-cap to the day.  All women are at their best and most beautiful when they are calm and relaxed."

Japanese beauty begins with a bath.™: Japanese women know the value of bathing daily to wash away the cares of their day. Relaxing at home in a bath on a regular basis is convenient, rejuvenating, and a pillar of the Japanese beauty routine. Sometimes a bath is just for 10-15 minutes. Regardless of time, a soak is an end-cap to the day.  All women are at their best and most beautiful when they are calm and relaxed.

Beauty and lifestyle are one and the same: You can’t have good skin without relaxing, eating well, or taking care of yourself. Beauty in Japan goes beyond makeup and skincare. Beauty is about how you live. Taking time to enjoy a cup of green tea, enjoying the beauty of nature, taking care of the skin, the evening bath, eating a healthy diet…. these things, and more, are all part of the Japanese woman’s life.

Make every moment beautiful: Forget the cup of green tea in a to-go cup. Enjoying tea the Japanese way, is tea served in beautiful cup, perhaps with a story behind it. Everyday moments are savored and not taken for granted. Food is beautifully prepared. A bath is taken with mindfulness and appreciation. Take time to make everyday moments special and you’ll soon realize how truly special they are.

Less is more: Japanese women tend to not have countless bottles of beauty products. They have a few that they love, and they stick with them. When food is served, you will never see a plate piled high with everything imaginable. Instead, small dishes are prepared and savored. This keeps food special. From a design perspective, clean lines reign in Japan. The focus is on creating a space where you can relax and breathe. More doesn’t mean more. Focus on quality and experience.

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Take a break: It is common for women in Japan to let their skin breathe once a week. This means going to sleep without beauty products. It is believed that the skin needs time to rest and repair itself. This philosophy can also be incorporated into your exercise routine. Take a day or two off to let your body rest.

Japanese people are known to work hard. They also rest hard with the ultimate getaway being a visit to a remote hot springs town. In the Japanese mind, nothing is more relaxing than a soak in a natural mineral spring beautifully situated among nature. Here you can let your guard down and allow your cares and worries to slip away. It is believed that soaking in mineral rich water soothes not only the soul, but the body as well. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Stay tuned for a surprise that will be coming next week. I am so excited to share this extra special treat with you.

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