Five Ways to Relax at the End of a Long Day

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I used to believe that living a mindful life meant that things would be perfect and calm all the time. I’ve realized over the years that this isn’t the case. Living a mindful life is not about perfection but is about living as close to our souls and true nature as possible. When bumps in the road come up, being mindful is about utilizing the tools that we have to smooth them out. Rather than being passive, sinking deeper into stress, anger, depression, or whatever ails you, a mindful life is about taking ownership. We have control over the way we feel - inside and out, and that is an incredible gift.

If you’ve ever had a really bad day, you know how hard it is to “turn it off” when you get home. Here are five easy yet super effective ways to get yourself back on track and instantly change your mood.

Uplifting Music: Turning on uplifting music immediately elevates the vibration in any room. I love the Zen Morning Playlist for this purpose, even at night.

Stretch: Grab your yoga mat or do a few standing stretches. Stretching soothes and calms. It is a way to come back into your body and connect with your soul. Take 5-10 minutes and release the tension in your muscles. I guarantee you will feel better after.

Diffuse the Home Essence: Diffusing essential oils is an easy, life changing tool that raises the vibration in a room and relaxes everyone, no matter what mood they started out with. In the evening, I love to diffuse Ambrosial Ofuro Home Essence for everyday relaxation.

Take a Bath: This is by far the most effective way to relax at the end of the day. Soaking in warm water (not too hot) with aromatherapy fragrance is healing for the body, mind, and soul. Baths are a part of my daily routine and I believe they are life changing. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, take a 15-minute soak in the Shiso Bath Oil. You will be swept away by the power of aromatherapy that not only smells amazing but soothes your emotions. My favorites after a long day are Ambrosial Ofuro or Rotenburo Air. I love bringing my iPad into the bathroom and listening to the corresponding Music Playlists while soaking. Even just 15 minutes of this before dinner washes away my cares of the day.

Make a Healthy Meal: I find cooking with whole, healthy foods is therapeutic. It could be as simple as making a big salad. Get creative - magic happens when you have your hands in healthy ingredients. There is something soul-nurturing about the process and everyone feels great after a healthy meal.

Living a beautiful life isn’t about perfection - it’s about the choices we make, how we spend our time, and what we invest our energy in. I suppose the word self-care comes into play here. Making choices that lift us up and make our lives better is what self-care truly is.

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