Celebrating Sake


Sake is a beverage that is symbolic of celebration, friendship, and good fortune throughout Japan. Over the years it has replaced my glass of wine when I feel like relaxing. A smooth, mellow, bright tasting beverage, having a small glass of sake is synonymous with happiness.


Sake has also been used in skincare rituals throughout Japan and is an integral part of the geisha’s beauty regimen. When rice (sake’s main ingredient) is fermented, many enzymes are produced. These enzymes brighten the skin and gently exfoliate without any sort of abrasiveness. One of my favorite skincare secrets it to take my favorite sake and pour it into a spray bottle. I usually add a few drops of Jasmine and Neroli essential oil, but this is not necessary. After I wash my face or get out of the shower, I lightly spritz my skin with the sake and then pat it in gently. I love applying face oils while my skin is still damp. I have noticed an improvement in my skin tone since doing this and feel it has helped keep previous sun damage at bay.


No matter how you use it, sake is a wonderful beverage to be celebrated. Happy National Sake Day.


Kampai! (Cheers)



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