Love Each Season: The Philosophy Behind Amayori's Seasonal Fragrances

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If you’ve been with us for a while, you’re sure to notice that every season we launch a limited edition seasonal fragrance. The philosophy behind these collections isn’t just about presenting a scent that reminds one of the current season, but goes a deeper with roots in Japanese culture and philosophy.
The Japanese have a strong appreciation of the four distinct seasons. Each season comes with its own symbolism in nature, highly regarded seasonal foods, customs, and even popular color combinations. The lesson behind this appreciation for the seasons is to be in the moment and appreciate the beauty of what is around you. Things are more beautiful because they are temporary and what is here today won’t last forever. Enjoy it now. Take the beautiful current autumn season: the foliage, the comfort, the smells, the foods- all of these treasures are distinct to autumn and are worth noticing and celebrating. This led to the creation of our Autumn Leaves Ritual.
You’ll notice much of our seasonal fragrance collections are packaged in smaller bottles. This is to make it easy to purchase a new collection each season. Our aim is to give you a way to celebrate the season through the sense of smell and through the emotion scent evokes. These rituals are here to help you pause and be in the moment and enjoy the beauty of each season.


I have found that embodying these philosophies into my life has given me a greater appreciation for living in the present. I even find myself looking forward to the upcoming winter and all the beauty it encompasses.
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