Giving a Moment of Beauty: The Japanese Art Of Presenting a Gift


When I first traveled to Japan I was on the hunt for small gifts to bring home to my friends and family. I went to a very well-known Japanese department store, Takashimaya, looking for a cotton kimono and obi for my nephew. Though the gift was simple and by no means expensive, the woman that helped me wrapped it beautifully in gorgeous paper. I was taken aback – the wrapping was as beautiful as the gift inside. I knew my nephew would love it as the wrapping told the story of Japan and inspired the mood of the gift.
There began my obsession with Japanese gift presentation and packaging. In the west when we receive a gift, we often excitingly tear off the wrapping paper in haste. The wrapping and packaging is not much more than a mere holder for the products that await us. The Japanese view the outer contents as just as important as what is inside. In fact, how much care you put into the presentation is reflective as to what you think of the gifts recipient. Presentation shows thoughtfulness.
We have brought this philosophy to Amayori’s packaging. As we are the giver and you are the receiver, we hope that our packaging transports you if not for a moment, to Japan. I have always thought it wonderful to just stop and admire something beautiful. When you receive something from Amayori we hope you have a moment of reflection.



As we head into the holiday season, let’s take this philosophy with. Don’t rush. Take the time to make things beautiful and thoughtful. Give others a reason to pause and have a beautiful moment – I can’t think of a more wonderful gift than that.
Warm wishes,
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