Upgrade Your Morning Routine in Four Easy Steps     



I have written about my morning wake up routine before but wanted to touch on it now since we are heading into the colder months. As the mornings are darker, it’s hard to jump out of bed with the enthusiasm that we would have during spring or summer. Following are four things you can do that will help you wake up easier and help make your day better. When I start my day this way, the whole day flows and my mood is uplifted.
  • Be Thankful: Before my mind jumps into all of the things I have to do and the concerns of the day, I stop it. I flip right into what I’m thankful for. Going through your gratitude list will ground you and will set the tone for the day. Plus, whatever you are thankful for, you will have more of.
  • Aromatherapy: This is my favorite part. I always keep a bottle of Amayori’s Zen Morning Botanical Perfume Oil next to my bed. This is a must in my morning routine and helps me wake up mindfully. Since it’s so dark these days I have started using Zen Morning Mood Spray as well. We have packaged these two products together in our Zen Morning Wake Up Set. Smelling certain essential oils such as citruses or mints will wake you up in such a wonderful way. Also, the act of breathing in deeply while being aware of your senses is an easy way to connect with yourself. Nothing beats starting the day with a little mindfulness. As you breath in, envision a posotive, happy day ahead.
  • Water: I leave a large glass (around 2 cups) of water next to my bed and drink it as soon as I sit up. Drinking water reenergizes your body and helps get things moving again. Not to say this replaces tea or coffee but it feels refreshing. If you have slept for 6-8 hours, that’s a long time to go without water so naturally, your body needs it.
  • Read Something Positive: Whatever the book may be – it could be religious, spiritual, or just something that inspires you, fill your mind with positive things. Save the news for later. It can wait. Also, save the email for later.
Make the morning your time. Taking a few extra moments each day will help you set the tone for a beautiful day ahead. Do you have any morning rituals? If you do, we would love to hear about them. Please enter them in the comments box below.
Wishing you many beautiful mornings.
Joy and happiness,



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