Geisha and the Art of Subtle Beauty



This past week we launched our new winter fragrance, the Snow Ritual. The day of the launch I came across an image and saying on Facebook that captured my inspiration for the fragrance perfectly. “In a world of Kardashians, be a Diana”, referring to the late Princess Diana.
We live in a world where women are constantly throwing themselves at everyone. Nudity is not a big deal anymore. In fact, Playboy is no longer featuring nude women because it has become so common. I feel like everywhere I look, woman appear desperate for attention. They lack subtly and mystery and I feel that this gives their power away.
One of the first things that I noticed about the Geisha in Japan is that they are almost completely covered. Their kimonos are gorgeous and trail behind them with sleeves that cover most of their hands. The shape of a geisha’s kimono is very flattering and accentuates a woman’s figure. Subtlety - that is the key. They also leave a fork shaped piece of the nape of their neck unpainted with their usual white makeup. This is said to drive men wild. Both the subtle, alluring kimono and unpainted neck leave room for the imagination. These details allow men to think and imagine while allowing the woman to remain dignified and beautiful.
The next think I noticed about geisha is that they don’t try. They are very sweet and friendly of course, but they aren’t seeking out attention and in fact come off as somewhat reserved. When one asks them to stop for a photo, some oblige but you get the feeling you may be disrupting them. This is such stark contrast from our world of Instagram selfies.
When I think of the women whom I admire, I think of Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. All these women captured grace, beauty, and elegance. None of them screamed for attention. The world came to them over and over. I think it comes down to knowing you are beautiful and knowing what you have inside and out. There is a certain calmness that comes with this.


This is the spirit of the Snow Ritual: grace, beauty, and elegance. I hope that in the upcoming winter months you experience it and enjoy it as much as I do.


Warm wishes,
Francoise Decatrel Amayori


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