The Healing Power of Water

Healing Power of Water, Amayori Blog
Without water there is no life. It is such a beautiful thing that something so basic and simple could be something so luxurious. There is not much that is more soothing, healing and relaxing than a swim in the ocean, a cool glass of water during summer, a hot steamy bath on a cold winter’s day, or a languorous shower before bed.
Submersing yourself in water seems to make our troubles disappear. We are enveloped and soothed. A wave of calm washes over us and all seems to be well with the world.
Physically, water quenches us, makes our skin beautiful and allows our bodies to move freely with ease.
This simple, beautiful luxurious resource is at our fingertips every day and should be taken advantage of with gratitude. Enjoy a long beautiful shower with the intention to relax. Make time for that luxurious bath that you always want to take. Just sit, soak and feel the beauty of your surroundings.
Drink more water each day. For something extra special infuse it with lemon, mint, and cucumber. Water is the easiest way to beautiful skin. 8+ glasses a day and you’re glowing.
Staring at a body of water can be one of the most beautiful, relaxing things in the world. If you live near or can get to a natural body of water, stop and enjoy it. Just stare out and do absolutely nothing. Be thankful for the beauty that is in front of you.
We all are surrounded by such beautiful things. To deeply relax and be calmed, you don’t always need to go on vacation, go to a spa, get a treatment, etc. One of the most healing tools of all, water, is already at your fingertips. Take the time to enjoy it. Make it beautiful. Infuse it with fragrance, dim the lights, and add a candle or flowers. Have a cup of tea. Add anything that makes you feel special and relaxed.
Discover these simple beautiful things every day. It’s all about intention. Life can either be rushed through and purely function, or it can be lived beautifully by admiring the simple things we come in contact with all the time. Like water – a simple shower or a special moment, the choice is always ours.
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