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Amayori Hikaur Multi-Use Luxury Body Oil with Sea Buckthorn Oil
I first started using sea buckthorn oil a few years ago when I heard about its anti-aging properties. As I was trying to supplement natural anti-aging products for those with chemicals, I added sea buckthorn oil to a face oil that I have been making and using nightly for quite some time. I immediately fell in love with its vibrant deep orange color and the radiant glow it added to my skin. I was also moved by how much softer and supple my skin quickly became.
I have always believed that anti-aging skincare does not stop at the neck. Our body – arms, legs, décolleté, etc., should be treated with the same love, care, and respect with which we treat our faces. When I started looking more into sea buckthorn oil, I was overjoyed with all of its skincare benefits and knew it would be the perfect addition to Amayori’s Hikaru Multi-Use Luxury Body Oil.
Amayori Hikaru Multi-Use Luxury Body Oil
Sea buckthorn oil is extracted from the berries of the sea buckthorn (hippophae rhamnoides) plant which is native to northern Europe and Asia. Rich in color due to its high level of beta-carotene, sea buckthorn oil gives a very subtle glow and radiance to the skin.
When it comes to skincare and anti-aging, the more antioxidants the better. Aside from beta-carotene, sea buckthorn oil is extremely high in vitamins C and E. All of these help protect cells from free radical damage
This high antioxidant concentration is the reason why sea buckthorn oil is known for its rejuvenating effect on fine lines and wrinkles. It is also an excellent source of fatty acids making it useful for cell regeneration, eczema, and wounds. Being highly emollient, it is a superb moisturizer hence its acclaim for use on dry, aging skin.
In Japan there is something called ‘Kaizen’ which roughly means ‘continuous improvement’.  Kaizen, both a principal and a philosophy teaches us that there is no best, only better. The first set of characters, kai, means 'change" the second set, zen, means 'better'.
In this spirit, we are constantly searching for ingredients that will benefit your mind, body and spirit. It is with this philosophy in mind that we proudly introduce our newly reformulated Hikaru Multi-Use Luxury Body Oil. With the addition of sea buckthorn oil to its already luxurious camellia, rice bran and coconut oil base, we offer you a new level of luxury bath and body care.
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