A Summer Wrap Up: Putting the Pieces Together

Amayori, Japanese Bath Products

This summer we made a handful of major upgrades to key products in the Amayori collection. I never want Amayori to be a brand with an overwhelming amount of products. My goal has been, and always will be, to focus on creating the most beautiful, high-quality products that recreate the Japanese bathing ritual experience for you. In the spirit of the Japanese practice of kaizen (continuous improvement), rather than adding to the collection, this sometimes means reformulating and improving as I discover incredible sources for Japanese skincare ingredients and experience their benefits.

This summer we had two such improvements. First, we made an upgrade to what was The Luxury Bath Salts. Though the original was fantastic, the new Shizumi Luxury Bath Salts are a dream come true. These salts contain ingredients that have been artisanally grown and harvested in Japan and that are time-honored for their effects on the skin and the body overall. This weekly treatment is an intensive reset button for your body and soul.

Next, we took our beloved Aromatic Sake Mist and added a myriad of Japanese botanicals that are time-tested for their skin healing properties. Here at the loft, we underwent months of learning and testing methods for extracting these botanicals and this eventually led to a whole other level of ingredients and how we can bring them to you. The new mist, Kasumi, is not only an aromatic treat for the senses, but a way to treat the skin of your body on a level that it has never experienced before. In fact, I call this mist “a love letter to the body’s skin”.

Personally, I have never cared for spas. I like relaxing in the comfort of my home. Plus, my experience in the beauty industry has taught me that many spas are most often concerned with the bottom line and bulk pricing. This is understandable as there is a lot of overhead in running a spa. My main focus with the products I make is to provide the best, most luxurious, relaxing body care experience possible that will soothe your skin and transport your soul... There is no skimping here. My soul and true nature would never let me do that.

So, I would like to share a weekly ritual with you using our two new products. This is a luxurious go-to weekly oasis that will bring you the tranquility of the Japanese bath and a level of healing for body and soul that exceeds the most luxurious spa treatment you can imagine. I suggest enjoying this ritual with our accompanying Music Playlist.

Step 1: Dry brush to exfoliate the skin and stimulate flow within the body.

Step 2: As in the tradition of Japanese bathing rituals, shower first before soaking.

Step 3: Pour ⅓ of the Shizumi jar into the bath and soak for 30 minutes or longer. Keep a glass of water close by and drink it throughout the bath.

Step 4: After exiting the bath, blot the skin dry. Mist with Kasumi from the shoulders to the tops of the feet. Massage this essence mist into the skin, taking your time to focus on areas that need it. Be aware of your touch and be present.

Step 5: For an ultra-luxe layer of moisture, massage Hikaru Multi-Use Oil into the skin. I like to start with my arms and make my way down, but do what feels right for you.

Yuagari (the moment after the bath): Take time to readjust. Have a cup of tea, read a bit, or just sit and do nothing. It funny, I find when people are told to “do nothing” there is a knee-jerk reaction. We are so used to being in motion. But “doing nothing” is just being still and connecting with your true nature. Enjoy it.

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