An In-Bath Meditation

An In-Bath Meditation

Make your environment as relaxing as possible. Listen to some music or perhaps one of Amayori’s playlists.

Slip into the bath and come into a relaxed natural position. Take a few deep belly breaths and on the exhale allow stress and tension to leave your body. Now, place your left hand on your abdomen under your navel. This is the seat of our true selves and is the area to connect with when you want to feel grounded and stable. Leaving your hand there, place your right hand on your heart. This is the area of oneness, compassion for ourselves and for others. Feel the connection between both areas. You can visualize this connection as a column of light. Stay here for as long as desired while breathing deeply.

To end, remove both hands slowly. This meditation is deeply relaxing so get up carefully when exiting the bath.

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