How to Add Products to a Bath- a Different Approach

How to Add Products to a Bath- a Different Approach

I have always promoted the same ritual with Amayori’s bath products: add them to the bath, stir, then soak. While pursuing my clinical aromatherapy certification I took an interesting class on the power of bathing as a healing modality and as a medium for essential oil therapies. The teacher, who is world renown for what she does, has a different perspective. I really have enjoyed bathing using her approach which makes so much sense.

Rather than add your bath products to the bath prior to soaking, get in the bath and then add them. Once you’ve added your soak, swirl the water a bit to help it blend. 

Here’s why this works: essential oils are lipophilic which means they gravitate and dissolve in/into lipids or fats. When you add your soaks, salts, or oil after you are in the tub, the essential oils will go straight to your skin because of the skin's natural lipid nature. This increases the essential oils penetration rate and makes sure that you have the most effective soak possible.

Like everything else, this approach has its own unique energy to it. I find it feels more active. I can feel the products' effects on my skin immediately- it’s akin to a massage.

I have tried this technique with all of Amayori’s soaks and salts. I particularly love it with the Camellia Japonica Bathing Oil and the hot springs soaks. The Shizumi Salts take a moment of extra stirring of the water but I love how this technique adds to this already intense soaking experience. Also, this is an wonderful techniques for the Hot Spring Mineral Foot Soak.

I am so excited about this new journey I am on and look forward to sharing more knowledge with you. If there's a particular topic you would like to see discussed, please let me know in the comments below.

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