The Summer Bath

The Summer Bath

Even though we are at the tail end of summer it seems as if it is hotter than ever. I have been trying to spend as much time outside as possible on the weekends and I often feel physically exhausted by Sunday evenings. Even though I drink lots of water, the sun seems to take most of my energy and leaves me feeling lethargic.

Enter the warm weather bath. Many people tell me how they skip baths in warm weather because the thought of a bath makes them hot. I believe quite the opposite. A bath can be the perfect way to cool down and replenish your body if done correctly. This holds true for those living in year-round warmer climates. 
I love summer baths because they remind me of swimming in the ocean. I keep the water temperature as it would be if I was swimming in say, Miami - tepid and close to body temperature. I will also choose a fragrance that has a neutral or somewhat cooling effect. 
Dim lighting has an immediate calming and cooling effect so I only leave on as much light as necessary. Then, I slip into a bath and shut my eyes. This is instant replenishment and re-hydration at its best. It really is like swimming in the sea. By the side of the bath I always keep a tall glass of my favorite summer drink, lemon and cucumber water.
There is something languorous, lighthearted and casual about warm weather bathing. I usually like to take these baths earlier in the evening before dinner and look forward to a light healthy meal afterwards and perhaps a special iced tea.
As the summer comes to its close in a few weeks, try to enjoy every moment of it. The sweet mundane- a cool breeze, good food, scent.... anything that means summer for you. These little moments of beauty and memories are what makes summer beautiful. 
Warm wishes always,


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