The Inspiration Behind Rotenburo Air

One of the things I love most about Amayori is that I can introduce something special from around the globe that many women may not have experienced otherwise.
Rotenburo Air, Amayori
Japan is full of naturally occurring hot springs. Many, while beautiful, are very hot and are admired for their beauty from afar as the ones pictured above.
Rotenburo Air, Amayori
There is also a large percentage of hot springs that are the perfect temperature for bathing. These outdoor baths are called rotenburo.  Rotenburo translates to “bath amid the dew under the open sky”. Rotenburo baths are situated throughout Japan and range from luxurious to very rustic. The most favored offer gorgeous views and are sought out by locals on weekends as a way to commune with nature and enjoy the seasonal foliage. Rotenburo baths are frequented all year-round, even in the snow where people bath among falling snowflakes. Each season holds its own allure and is admired for its distinct beauty.
Rotenburo baths can be naturally occurring hot springs or man-made baths that run hot spring water into them. Either way they are always outdoors and the experience is breathtaking. Whenever I’ve bathed in rotenburo there is always a full exhale – a moment of decompression, where I say to myself “Life can’t get much better than this.”

 On 10/5/16 we will be launching Amayori’s new fragrance, Rotenburo Air so that you can experience this exotic bathing ritual in your own home. The fragrance is inspired by a breath of fresh mountain air while soaking in a gorgeous rotenburo bath. The 100% natural aromatherapy ingredients will bring you the same rejuvenating experience as bathing under the open sky.

Get excited. I am so thrilled an honored to be sharing this experience with you, especially as we approach autumn and all of its beauty.
Warm wishes always,
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