Discover the Essential Oils in The Snow Onsen

Discover the Essential Oils in The Snow Onsen

The Snow Onsen is a botanical fragrance that promotes inner peace. Each essential oil in the blend has been chosen not just for its scent, but also for its therapeutic properties. Below is a list of the main essential oils in The Snow Onsen and a brief description of their benefits.

  • Tangerine - Soothes nervous tension
  • Wild orange - Antidepressant and sedative
  • Yuzu - Relieves anxiety and nervous tension
  • Geranium - Antidepressant. Also excellent for regulating the nervous system especially when used in the bath
  • Siberian Fir - Grounding and refreshing
  • Hinoki - Deeply relaxing
  • White Pine - Refreshing and a general tonic
  • Bitter Orange - Relieves stress

For the past three years The Snow Onsen has helped create a sense of inner peace during the colder months. We need this now more than ever. Through intentional self-care we don’t have to succumb to emotions that overwhelm us. Take a deep breath, relax through the power of aromatherapy fragrance, and allow your mood to be transformed.

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